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One of the most special days of your life is your wedding day, and it's important that the pictures come out right. And yet, as you shop for photographers, you realize that you're going to have to settle for Aunt Martha's neighbor who has volunteered to do it for free, because - let's face it - wedding photographers are extremely expensive.

At Bailey Digital Images, we have the solution for you.

We offer good quality, focused, correctly exposed, well composed images at a very reasonable price. If you're looking for the King of Creativity or the Guru of Grandiose Productions, then we're not the photography service for you. If, however, you want your wedding recorded as it happens, in a traditional, quality, and professional manner, then give us a call. We're flexible, and we'll provide only the services you want with no purchase minimums or expensive packages. At Bailey Digital Images, we provide real photography for real people, with attention to detail, courtesy, and integrity.

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Wedding Options and Prices

Photography Services

Description: Two photographers on-site at rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception Rate: $1,000, up to 7 hours on-site; $150/hour each additional hour


Image Options

Photographic Guest Book

Portraits of wedding guests, grouped in families, digitally corrected - $175

DVD Slide Show

Professional slide show containing the best rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception images organized by event and set to music - $200








1-25: $2/each

1-15: 6/each

1-10: $15/each

Any Quantity: $25/each

26-50: $1.75/each

16-25: $5.75/each

11-15: $14/each


51+: $1.50/each

26+: $5.50/each



*Price does not include photo album. Photo albums are available upon request.

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